Sunday, March 15, 2009

Easter Wrongness

A few years ago, I made an Easter basket for Ms. M. It was called the Easter Basket of Wrongness; I had filled it with all that I could find that the retailers had put out that was just totally wrong. Each week until Easter, I will find something truly wrong and share it with you.

Trust me, I won't have to look hard for this stuff. And I wasn't spitting on the chicken, I was trying to blow it over. I actually like the chicken. A lot. I have a thing for chickens. And cows but that's between me and my psychiatrist.


Eve Noir said...

That is SO wrong. Ha ha...I like this idea a lot, and it's nice to see you on TV-;}. That reminds me I found something very wrong once, but I didn't buy it (should've though!). It was Potty Putty...and it came in a plastic lil' toliet. WTH is that? It was very odd...I saw it in the checkout lane & found that even odd. "Hm, let me grab this as an impulse purchase!"

Can't wait for next week!~Eve

Mr.Macabre said...

Potty Putty?! I LOVE the very thought of it! I also loved Slime, and if you smashed it back into the can, it made a farting noise.

I will strive to bring you the very best of the worst of wrongness! Did I forget to mention that the chicken's @$$ has a trap door that comes up before the eggs drop out?

Eve Noir said...

That is TOO much. ^_^