Sunday, March 15, 2009

Uh, Not Sure If This Would Be Fun

This is the link to Dickensworld in England. Someone thought that it would be a fun idea to recreate Victorian England with the dilapidation, darkness and dankness of the era. I like Victorian stuff, and I LOVE Steampunk stuff but...ah...I might have reservations about this place.

"Get the thrills and excitement of living in the times of Dickens! Fun for the whole family! Children scamper about merrily trying their hand at pick pocketing or maybe they would want to try a few hours at the cannery or the spooky coal mine! Let Mom try out the world's oldest profession whilst Dad stops by the the authentic pub for an authentic absinthe stupor! Kept at a constant 27 degrees, the dark and smokey Dickensworld will astound and delight the whole family and bring a new appreciation to child labor laws and the Environmental Protection Agency."

Hmmmm, think I'll pass in favor of sunny Orlando's Harry Potter's World when it gets built. I'm not a rabid Harry Potter fan but it does look like it would be a lot of fun...about 4 years after it opens when the crowds die down a bit so you can actually move around in the place!

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DeadmansLog said...

mmm... Can't wait for the Harry Potter thing. It will be a big improvement to that section of the park, IMHO.

I am so overdue for a vacation.