Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's Play Jurassic Park!!!!

Yay! With the new Triops Pet Kit, you too can make your own personal Jurassic Park! I'm going to document my Dr. Frankmacabre journey in creating life.

Day 1, see the package and buy it at Hobby Lobby.


Diane said...

i got my daughter sea monkeys for christmas but they didn't last... :(

hope you have better luck with your dinos!

Mr.Macabre said...

actually ordered some sea monkeys last week for myself on Ebay and they damn well come with bows in their hair too and the Dad better be smoking his pipe like in the picture or there will be negative feedback to pay!

The Captain said...

I used to buy live brine shrimp to give to my fish as a treat, the loved em. I loved it too because it was a three dollar feeding frenzy! Does that not sound like the name of a band,
"Live tonight on stage...."
"Three Dollar Feeding Frenzy!"

Looking forward to the Sea Monkey/Triops reports.