Thursday, May 21, 2009

2010 Incarnation of The Final Unresting Place Cemetery Information Page

Greetings My Dear Fiends Friends,

You are undoubtedly looking for information on The Final Unresting Place Cemetery and lucky you, you've found it!  Below is basic information concerning this event:

Who:  Joseph Keller aka Mr. Macabre with The West Alabama Humane Society

What: The Final Unresting Place Haunted Yard Attraction, raising the dead and donations for the West Alabama Humane Society

When: October 21, 22 & 23, October 28, 29, 30 & 31, manifesting the dearly departed 6:30 to 9:00 pm each night (weather permitting, haints hate to get their hair wet!)

Where:  3105 28th Street, Northport, Alabama 35476.  The attraction is being held as a walk-through in the backyard due to security reasons.  Look for the huge flaming pumpkin headed scarecrow in the front yard.

Why:  As an avid lover of animals and a haunter, I wanted some way to give back to the community.  Through the kindness of the West Alabama Humane Society, I am going to be able to do both; promote Hallowe'en as it was, the fun, spooky safe holiday that I grew up with and at the same time help those creatures that can't help themselves, namely the many cats and dogs that need food, shelter, first aid and love in hopes that they will one day be adopted into a loving family.

How:  I am sometimes asked how I do these things, to which I reply, "Stay in school.  Do your best. Learn everything you can about math, science, language and the arts and one day, you too can raise the dead...mechanically, of course!"

Admission:  Visiting The Final Unresting Place Cemetery is, and will always be free of charge.  If you would consider a donation to The West Alabama Humane Society, it will be greatly appreciated. 100% of the monies collected will go to helping West Alabama's homeless animals.

Photography is permitted and encouraged. 

Trick or Treating will be held October 30 & 31.  

About The Final Unresting Place Cemetery:
The Final Unresting Place Cemetery displays no depictions or representations of blood, gore, violence or acts of torture.  The display is family-friendly for young, old, living and deceased alike, incorporating completely hand-crafted animatronic characters amidst a foggy graveyard setting.

Won't you stop by and say hello?  My friends have been simply dying to meet you...

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