Friday, January 16, 2009

Ok, Back to Business...

I occasionally give a heads up to a company that might sell something particularly interesting to the likes of us that I have had dealings with. Today is double whammy day, the first one is The Sunshine Shed.
Don't be thrown off by the seemingly cutesy items on the front page (I personally think some of them are pretty cool), dive into the Hallowe'en section to find some reproduction-type papier mache lanterns in ceramic. I have bought several and can attest that they are beautiful. All are weatherproof, handmade, and have a wonderfully old looking patina, complete with rusted bailing wire handles. As for the company, fast shipping and EXTREMELY nice people. This is a family business and I can't say enough to encourage patronizing family business since I work in one. Besides, could you really pass up a company that would have a booth that looks like this?

Dig that box of skulls!

Next, we have Seasons Gone By. This company makes reproduction papier mache jack o' lanterns from the 40's of superior quality. I have bought several and can attest that they are indeed beautiful.

Admittingly, their homepage is a little funky (you have to go to the shopping cart to see the catalog, they might be working to fix that), but if you don't want to spend upwards of 150.00+ for a vintage papier mache jack o' lantern but love the look, give these folks a try!


Diane said...

cool stuff, at good prices. thanks

The Captain said...

Very cool, the Shed has some nice stuff. Great finds.

Mr.Macabre said...

The glazes (in the loosest sense of the word) that The Sunshine Shed uses has the feel of rusted metal. Very unusual. The colors are vibrant and they really do not look ceramic in the least. I'm going to make a year 'round 'Hallowe'en Tree' in the backyard using one of those rebar trees that people sometimes put bottles on, pending Mrs. Macabre's approval, of course.