Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ghost Stories

Let's start the new year right, shall we?
Few subjects spark as much controversy as the existance of ghosts. Most everyone loves a ghost story, some people would rather NOT know whether a ghost story is true or not, the fun is in the mystery. Some people believe in them, some do not, I shall not try to sway you one way or another, I simply present to you events that have unexplained and mysterious circumstances that have unexplained and perhaps questionable photographic evidences.

I have heard, seen, and smelled things that defy explanation in my life, I don't know why and I don't know how. Some sects of my religion claim demonic entities, some others natural phenomenon unrelated to the paranormal, and some, as I, personally believe them to be disembodied spirits that for some reason have not passed over. Judge for yourself. Mrs. Macabre didn't believe in ghosts when we moved in, and that was going to change...

My current house was haunted, and possibly my former trailer but for now we will concentrate on the current. I say was haunted because for the most part, the two known spirits of the former owners have gone on. For privacy's sake (my home was owned by the founder of a very well known and loved restaurant here) we shall call the ghosts Fred and Ethel. Fred and Ethel built this house back in 1960 and raised their 2 children here. Both loved this house as we do, it was a true Godsend. Fred passed on before Ethel and Ethel lived several years here alone until she finally had to go to a nursing home and passed away. The house stayed on the market for a year before we stopped and saw it. It was perfect, it is perfect. We set up an appointment with our agent and toured it and I immediately felt at home. We took pictures.

A ball of light showed up. Granted it was a digital camera and I did see it in the preview, I didn't think too much about it. Sometime later after we moved in, we started noticing strange things, a woman's perfume suddenly would appear, sometimes inside, sometimes outside in the yard, but not consistant, just sometimes here and there and both of us would smell it at different times. Then there were the footsteps down the hall, I had gone to bed early and was dozing away when Mrs. Macabre burst in, scared because someone was in the house, they had walked down the hall and she was hoping it was me. All doors were locked and just rolled over, "It's Mrs. Murtz". One Christmas we smelled pipe smoke in the living room, very very heavy. It wasn't unpleasant at all, I love to smell a pipe, but it's rather disconcerting when we both don't smoke. And just like that, it goes away. Over and over, fleeting shadows, smells of cookies in the house when nothing is cooking, sounds that you blame on the cats because it's much more comforting that way. We knew very very little about the owners but I knew someone who did, my next door neighbor. I asked her what perfume did Mrs. Murtz wear; she always wore White Shoulders, what we smelled. Did Mr. Murtz smoke? Oh yes, he smoked a pipe. I told her that they were checking up on us and she looked knowingly at me, saying that Mrs. Murtz always heard noises and was afraid someone was outside her door blowing smoke under it. This confirmed my suspicions, there was something here.

Then on our first Halloween, came this, first window of the three, towards the bottom.

And now you see it going through the pane to the inside of the house.
Scary thing is, all these pictures were taken with 3 different cameras. All the outside shots had no flash and the indoor shots had no point of reflection.

One day about two years ago when Ethel or Fred were particularly restless, Mrs. Macabre told them that their house was fine, that it was in good hands and not to worry. And with that, we haven't had a paranormal episode since.

May Fred and Ethel finally rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your story; I have very similar situation at my house. We are not alone!

The Captain said...

"Lucy you got some splainen to do".
I believe in ghosts for sure, we have caught orbs in some known haunted locations.

I lived in a house as a kid (I just got goose bumps all over thinking about it!) that at the time was over 60 years old, and the owners mother had died in one of the bedrooms. I saw a full body apparition, and two full body shadows in that house during the ten years I lived there. I never felt threatened, scared hell yes, but not threatened.

Mr.Macabre said...

I would have had to change my shorts if I saw a full body apparition. I heard one thing that scared the &%$#@!!! out of me in my life...I was coming home late one night when I still lived with my folks and I heard (I swear this is true), a growling, low, snarling voice speaking in tongues at the driveway. Nothing was there and when I got the key in the door, neither was I!