Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When you think of absinthe, you either haven't heard of it or you think of some dark seedy opium den of yore, where the likes of poets, philosophers, bohemians, and men and women of questionable morale gather to indulge in forbidden pleasures, bodies tainted by the mysterious green concoction as they do things not proper for mortal man.

Sounds like my kind of place!

I first heard about absinthe from Lestat from Interview With The Vampire when he accuses Claudia of drugging the twins with absinthe as a peace offering when in fact it was laudanum ("it killed them unfortunately, but it keeps the blood warm"). Pumpkinrot mentioned it on his blog and my curiosity was piqued. After ordering the kit from Green Devil, I set out to make it. Rest assured that it is indeed legal, if you brew it by steeping, not distillation. If you don't like licorice, you probably won't care for absinthe because it does have a licorice taste. I personally don't mind it, although I will pick out black jelly beans from a package in favor of other colors. As for Green Devil company, they're really a good shipping and great value! I bought the whole kit with the glasses and the spoons. I highly recommend them.

The effects, at least for me, is that the world goes into HD mode, I have noticed that colors become more brilliant and pronounced. I don't drink more than a shot or two (my 'ritual': use organic brown sugar cubes, ice cold bottled water and ever so slowly trickle the water over the cubes until they are dissolved in the waiting absinthe below)and I sip it slowly, the stuff is VERY deceptive, it has no burn and no bite, just the taste of licorice and I have never had a hangover on it whatsoever, weird. I also know that I have a very low alcohol tolerance so I'm extra careful; one glass of wine gives me a buzz.

I would say from my experience that absinthe is the stuff of legends, but in reality, it's a wonderful and beautiful dark green Hallowe'eny sipping drink that gives a very interesting buzz but unless you really overdo it, you're not going to see any green fairies flitting about. But YOU will be the stuff of legends for having partaken such a bohemian liquor made from wormwood and other dark foreboding herbs and people will expect you to be spouting off poetry that doesn't rhyme and wearing tight trousers with blousing shirts with grandiose hand gestures and a cigarette holder.

Don't disappoint your public my friends, they await.


Diane said...

good post!
i luv the stuff myself!
i don't drink any other alcoholic beverages. but i will drink absinthe if it's available. i've never made my own - i've only partaken with others who have.

Mr.Macabre said...

I encourage you to make your own. It isn't expensive (I think that you can buy the refill kit which is all you need for under 20.00) and it's fun. All you do is pour the Everclear and vodka in a bowl and add the pack of herbs and stir once a day for 3 days, replace it with the other pack of herbs, do the same thing and strain. Easy!
Thank you for your kind post!

Ruthie said...

My Jack loves absinthe. I am not too fond of it, unfortunately I am not a fan of black licorice taste. But the other one he likes which I have tried is chartreuse. Very much another sipping drink.

He drinks it like you, an artist's drink that should be savored.

The sad thing is all of a sudden it became the "thing" to have shots of absinthe. Silly Muggles, it's not an Adios. Please.

You vanilla people go back to your drunken stupidity and leave us folk alone.

Oh sorry, didn't mean to be such a high and mighty girl there.

I will tell Jack about this though, Thank you!

Mr.Macabre said...

I have never been able to find Charteuse, most of the places here sell liquer that is a bit 'lowbrow'. I do like Southern Comfort at times to just sit and sip slowly.

I've seen the shooting absinthe thing with the lighting of the sugar cube and all and I don't get it, except the whole "DUDE, I was sooooo wasted the other night shootin' 'sinth and, oh, duuuuuude, it was awesome!" mentality.

We are more of a civilized folk and prefer to sip ours slowly with conversation of dark and mysterious matters ;))