Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Weight Watchers Update

And the verdict is...226.4!

I broke down and had a pack of peanut M & M's yesterday and it was the Tear and Share pack too, except there was a lot of tearin' but no sharin' going on! Peanut M & M's are my heroin. I will hurt you if you get in my way when I have to have my fix.


DeadmansLog said...

Hmm. Weight Watchers. Are you liking the program?

My fiance and I are trying to be healthier (a resolution that has nothing to do with the new year), and I find it's easier when I sit down and make meal plans. Never have joined a program , though.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
stay true to what you do~

Mr.Macabre said...

Do I like Weight Watchers...the answer is NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I don't like being told that I can't eat a whole cheesecake by myself in one sitting.
In all seriousness, it's not that bad, I do mine online. I don't mind the program and in actuality, it's easier to eat out on it and not feel guilty. I like making meal plans also; when I get home I don't want to think, and the weight watchers cookbooks (you can buy them anywhere) are actually really good, no weird ingredients although they leave out the salt. Weight Watchers is balanced, realistic and healthy in my humble opinion. And you don't have to join and go to the meetings if you don't want to, doing the program online is a LOT cheaper. The only other thing I have tried that works is a lot harder is You On A Diet. It works also, is extremely healthy and all but is a PAIN to keep on.
Best of luck and if I can be of any help, please let me know!