Monday, December 8, 2008

A bit of a vacation this week

We are taking our yearly December vacation to a place of culture, sophistication and class...Pigeon Forge Tennessee! YeeeHawwww!!! We all's stayin' right next to da Hillbilly Village (no kidding, the hotel is right next door) an' we all's just down the corner from da Smokey Mountain Souvenir Emporium, where day has all sorts of good stuff.
Seriously, if you haven't been to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge (they're right next to each other), go, it's a trip (in all senses of the word). Ripley's is just about on every corner and there's outlet malls out the wazoo! In other words, it's a great big massive tourist trap.

I love it! And of course I'll bring back sentimental memorabilia to remember the moments (tacky souvenirs!).

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DeadmansLog said...

Mmm... I love going to Ripley's in Gatlinburg. The electric chair room fascinates me.