Monday, March 22, 2010

My first cease and desist!

Remember THIS post?
Please, gentle readers, keep in mind that my comments on this post was," I don't know who to bow down and grovel at their feet for executing these works of art but whoever they are, they are genius!".

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "How Fairy Tales Really End":

My name is Dina Goldstein and I'm the creator of Fallen Princesses.
I just found my work on your site..used without permission.
Also added is a shot of sushi ..that is NOT part of my series!!! and a great insult to my work.
Dina Goldstein
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Posted by Anonymous to Mr. Macabre's Hallowe'en Cerebrations at Monday, March 22, 2010 12:07:00 PM

 I will say and maintain that Ms. Goldstein is indeed talented. I had no idea who she was, where these came from or the series she created. I have removed them from my blog but left the sushi since it was not part of her series (I had no idea that it wasn't part of the series, this was forwarded to me in an email and I posted it as is).

My sincerest apologies to Ms. Goldstein for unknowingly insulting her work and for unknowingly publicizing her Fallen Princesses series with the sushi.  I encourage her to use a watermark on her work to prevent further infringements, both knowingly and unknowingly as mine was.

However, a more genteel response might have been:

My name is Dina Goldstein and I'm the creator of Fallen Princesses.
I just found my work on your site, thank you for your kind comments on my talent and that you enjoy my work. However, this was posted without permission and I am not at liberty to grant permission to use my works at this time.
Also added is a shot of sushi ..that is not part of my series.
Thank you for your attention to this, I appreciate it.
Dina Goldstein


Pam Morris said...

I get so tired of this kind of crap...there's art theft and then, there's art theft...obviously, this person cannot tell the difference. I remember this blog entry very clearly...altho' you did not know who the artist was, you were more than enthusiastic about their product and emphatically said so...maybe it was the sushi, Mr. Macabre...ah well, sushi is raw...sometimes we do get sick on these kinds of food...

The Frog Queen said...

So sorry to hear this happened. I have to admit that as my first response when I am pissed/offended/ something like that. That is why after years of living on this planet, I never, ever send that type of response until I have had a moment or 3 or 5 to think about how it will be viewed by the reader...or in this case, if the reader is passing it on.

I think I have been in Marketing too long...I am afraid of everything :D

I say today that I have learned not to be too precious about anything that I create. (Now, I am not saying that I am in any way as talented as her) For this very reason, people will see it as they want to see it.

One of my favorite quotes - it is actually here in my office is "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Anais Nin.

I have a terribly sarcastic sense of humor (and you can say all you want about "coping issues" I might have) - but sometimes it is just I see how someone would put the sushi picture in that was actually sort of inspired :) I am sure she does not see it that way.....but I do.

Sorry, I am rambling too much on this one. I like the way that you handled it....look on the bright side...your first cease & desist!!! Good on you!!! :D


gretchen said...

'i put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.'
~ vincent van gogh

maybe she has, too.

i can see this from both sides, but you weren't profiting from her work and you managed to expose many more people to it than had seen it which you would think make her happy - she obviously should have it all labeled better. that is the only crime here.

I had my own cease and desist when i made my stuffed version of the Berryman bear for a teddy bear contest (that i happened to win)- who knew it was a copyrighted image?!? i took it as a compliment mine resembled the original and the owner (who phoned me to let me know she was THE OWNER) was understanding after we spoke. this woman could have had the same approach...

oh, well. la-de-dah...we still like you and question her anger issues ~

Sara said...

Oh wow, so glad to see we are not the only site being harassed by this snarky bitch! Welcome to the club, you are in good company at least ;)

We might have been willing to work with her on this, but she was so ridiculously rude in her very first email that we have decided we will not be entertaining her. The images have been properly credited, and we stand our ground on this one.

The Captain said...

Didn't she rip off the likeness of trademarked Disney character to create her "work". I am insulted that she considered the sushi as a "great insult", sushi is a wonderful art form and much more complex then slapping a Jasmine dress on somebody, taking their picture with a gun, and dropping them on a photo-shopped background.

halloween spirit said...

Certainly an over-reaction. You were not passing the work off as your own and were speaking positively about it. Your version of her response was far more civilized :)

Oh, and The Captain makes an excellent point!

ShellHawk said...

I am constantly amazed that many in America are descended from those pioneers who set out across the Plains without a gurantee they would find water, the threat of Indian attack, and starvation and disease their constant companion. What the H-E- double toothpicks happened to us that we have devolved into this kind of rude, oversensitive individual?
Certainly, asking for you to credit her is reasonable. Being rude about it was a bad reflection on her and has encouraged me to ignore her work. Bad form, lady!

PumpkinBrain said...

I've been very displeased by the way Ms Goldstein asked you to remove her work from your blog. She could have asked for the removal of her work in a more gentle manner...

Isn't it one goal of any artist to have their work known? In this case, Ms Goldstein had a good occasion to make a good impression. But no, she choose to act in a rude way. It's not like if you were making money over her work, in fact, you were just promoting it.

HamletsHo said...

I should think an artist would understand if they put images of their work on the internet they will be copied and distributed by people - mostly well-meaning people - that are inspired and want to share the joy they got from the experience. I never assume a photo or painting is the work of the person posting it unless they say, "This is by ME." The Fallen Princesses are being emailed around because they tickled someone's funny bone, sushi or no sushi. Was this not the artist's intent? It's regrettable that watermarks or copyright captions can be photoshopped out. But either way, her work is being seen and I for one, if I see something I especially like, will ask around and try to identify the artist. It's a little harder to track than the written word, but my point is, distribution is distribution, and putting the pics on a blog is simply that. Distribution and, except in cases where the artist is nasty-tempered, appreciation.

But meh, ya know, artists are sensitive. This seems a group of creative people so we can see both sides. But artistic temperament is not a passport to RUDE. Like my Mama used to say: NOTHING is worth rude.

That said, I have some shirtless pics of young Al Pacino I'll let you post. They don't belong to me either, and they have nothing to do with your blog. But hey...they are shirtless pics of young Al Pacino!

Great job, my friend...


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

yeah - as if she's the first person to satirize Disney characters! ... which are, by the way, copyrighted images!

What a shame people are so rude ... I wouldn't have been as kind as you were. With the proper credit, there is nothing wrong with posting photos. If you don't want people to see your photos, don't post them on the internet. D'uh. LOL

I have no patience with this kind of stuff.