Sunday, September 6, 2009

Customized Wall Sticker Giveaway!!!

If you're vain like me, you can't have too many pictures of yourself hanging around.  And photos are so small you have to get right up on them to swoon at yourself and face it, printing from a printer just doesn't cut it for larger stuff.  It's annoying!  How about a 24" x 24" wall sticker of yourself or anything else you wanted hanging on your wall (as long as it isn't obscene or copyrighted, I don't think that they might appreciate that).  Me?  I have been wanting to print my x-rays of my skull from this past post to make them into a wall sticker so I can love me inside and out!
I'm so vain.
So you can be self-centered too, (and I) are giving away 1 custom 2 foot by 2 foot Wall Sticker to 2 lucky people!  If you have kids, you can pull out a humiliating photo of them and blow it up!  Fun for the whole family!  What a great (cheap) gift for someone on your list!   All kidding aside, this is a cool giveaway from the kind (and generous) people at are the details of the giveaway:

  • To enter, just give me a comment on how you would use a 24" x 24" wall sticker. 2 people will be drawn at random and receive a coupon for your prize and how to redeem.
  • Open to US Residents and $5 Handling fees apply but shipping is free
  •  Better be quick...drawing ends September 14, prizes awarded September 18th!

Go to Large Format Posters and see what all cool products that they have to offer and then head on over to Here to see all the different options and ideas that you might not have even thought of to do with your new wall sticker!

I'm going to try my tweeting skills on this too... my twitter id is Marvinmacabre.

Good luck!


Diane said...

i'd put one of my cemetery prints on it and maybe give it as a gift. or keep it! :)

Anonymous said...

If I had a 2'x2' poster I would probably use it to have a large print of this photo I took of a spider last year. It's really close up and you can see EVERYTHING. I need a big print of it so I don't have to compromise the details of the spider.

The Captain said...

If I were to win a beautiful 24x24inch poster from the generous people over at I think I would like to have a poster made of the picture from the bottom of my blog, its the Mrs. and I on Halloween 2008. It would look wicked in the "study" or the "workshop".

Annette | Large Format Printing said...

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