Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Fiend In Need Is A Fiend Indeed

Alright, I know that was just a play on words but it seems appropriate in reference to that mac daddy of macabre, Eric "Unkle" Pigors of  Eric had a heart attack Memorial Day weekend (which sucks unto itself since that's like getting sick on a Saturday when you were a kid), a BIG heart attack.  I encourage you to read about his ordeal HERE, it's not only fascinating but also terrifying and not in the good way (he had to be CONSCIOUS during the procedure!!!  That means memories!!!  That would mean for me, lots and lots of time on the psychiatrist's sofa and lots and lots of Xanax!!!).    

But I digress.

Bottom line...please think about buying some of his cool products to help him out.  Hospitals and doctors are not cheap here in America (%$#@& expensive is more like it, I have some orthotic inserts for my shoes that billed my insurance company 800.00 NOT including the office visit and 2 cortisone shots in my heel!  Health care is doggone high!!!). I can attest that Eric and his very lovely wife Denise are wonderful people and would appreciate you finding that special something on their site that makes your life complete.  They love Hallowe'en, so how can they be anything but nice?

So help a fellow fiend out and traipse on over to Toxictoons and look around.  I bought one of his Ouija boards this morning to go in the yard haunt and if it's half the quality of the shirts, prints and other cool stuff I collect of his, it's going to be fantastic.


Pam Morris said...

well, I'm goin' over there, now. appreciate the guidance!

The Frog Queen said...

Absolutely great post! I agree - he needs our help. And I know us haunters are a generous bunch :)