Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Does this shirt make me look fat? A Mr. Macabre/ Write On Riot Giveaway!!!

 Bob is so vain.  He says that he's a spring but he's a fall if he's anything so orange looks good on him.  He also said that it makes him look fat.  He still has aspirations to be an Abercrombie model.  I tell him that he could stand to gain a few pounds.  Unfortunately, Bob disagrees with me, like usual.  Therefore, Bob being the ridiculously cantankerous person that he is, has decided to give away his tee shirt that he was given by the kind folks at Write On Riot!  These guys have taken a great idea, you write in what YOU want to say on YOUR shirt!  Right now they have 3 styles:
Will give Weight Watchers the finger for candy

Halloween isn't scary, my hairy back is scary.

When you already look like a stressed out middle aged psycho, who needs a mask?

Gorgeous girl NOT included.

So, how can you score Bob's shirt (still with tags, and may I add, they give you a practice blank before you write on your shirt to make sure you get it right!)?  Bob is a size small, and the shirt that he is giving away is a size large (sorry, I don't have any other styles or sizes).  All you need to do is fill in the blank what you would do for candy in the comments (and please note, the F bomb or anything else higher than PG rated gets quickly deleted, I run a semi-family friendly blog here [except where Trunk or Treat is involved]).  MAKE DOUBLE DAWG SURE THAT YOU HAVE A WAY FOR ME TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU!!!

Don't want to take a chance on not getting such a cool shirt?  Then mosey on over to Write on Riot and go get you one, or two, or all three! 

Winner will be chosen from all entries by Random.com.  Drawing is on October 16, 2010.

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Those are cool! Good luck to everyone.

sausage von trapp said...

will "shave hairy backs" for candy...

Anonymous said...

Who's the gorgeous girl?

Mr. Macabre said...

The gorgeous girl actually works for Write on Riot, she's the project manager I'm told.

SalemMomma said...

Cute shirts!
I will do all the fall yardwork by myself for candy. Especially since the kids WILL NOT share their trick or treat goodies.

Anonymous said...

Will "punch and kick little children" for candy.

not sure i want to advertise that little tidbit about myself but there's my answer.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Cool shirt! Thanks for this giveaway..never saw a shirt like that. My fill in the blank for the shirt would be "prank people".


The Frog Queen said...

Awesome shirts! What a clever idea.....I will

make props

for candy :)


The Captain said...

Will "Diddle" for candy!

Don't enter me though, there is no one here that is a large unfortunately.