Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Some people do link dumps but this is a picture dump.  Just a bunch of pictures from my cell phone and around the house...
Pretty lily at my folk's house...
Blue Hydrangea in my garden
Wallpaper for my computer...
Yes, upside down tomatoes do work.
First one of the season to turn red.
Snuggie, the wonder Chiwienie! (Sleeps with me, tends to be a bedhog though)
Blue Angels over the house earlier last month...they nearly scraped the shingles off the roof!
Bought these at a discount clearance store.  WT@#&%* is going on here?! I'm trying to stay at 'multi-flavor colorings' to keep from looking down at the really horrific spectacle... I really don't know what terrifies me more, the scary @$$ clown vomiting the jelly beans or the Little Orphan Annie zombie kids eating the regurgitated confections!  Either way, I'm scarred on a very very deep level.
And the jelly beans were nasty, I managed to pick out and eat all the red ones and tossed all the rest.

Found these two animal crackers gettin' freaky in a box I bought and had to take a picture AND WHOA, WE DON'T GO FOR THAT THERE STUFF HERE IN THE SOUTH!  
*chomp munch munch*

And lastly, my first olive off of my olive tree...


The Captain said...

I enjoyed this post! Nice phone pictures. I had wondered about the topsy turvey plants, might have to try one now. Yeah wtf! Umm freshly vomited clown jelly beans! If you ate the animal crackers that were getting freaky deaky, does that mean you had a beastilaity three way with some sort of food fetish? I don't know, just asking? ;)

Demented Wench said...

One day that dog will take over the bed and you will find yourself negotiating with her for a small area to sleep on.

The fact that you actually dared to eat any of the jelly beans after seeing...that... You're braver than I am or crazier. ;)

halloween spirit said...

Love the photos! The blue hydrangea is beautiful.

And I now have a strange craving for "multi-flavor colorings". Must be the hypnotic effect of that package. :D

Divaeva said...

loving the lily! *laughs* and those jelly beans are hilarious!

The Frog Queen said...

My ADD brain just loved that post. We jumped all over the place....I was not bored for a second!*

All I have to say is that I wish I had designed the jelly bean packaging!!! That is so wrong it is perfect! You find the best stuff!!


*Not to say that my other blog friends are boring - don't everyone send me spider pictures in retaliation :D Really, I was talking about my blog :D

PumpkinBrain said...

Nice lillies, ours will be blooming in one week or two. About the jelly beans box, I think the zombie kids eating the regurgitated confections scares me most than the evil clown. Great finds as always... no chance you find things like these in Quebec.

Stephanie D. said...

The hydrangeas are gorgeous! I keep saying I'm going to plant some, but the to-do list has about taken over my life this year, so... next year?

Love little chiwieni--sooooo cute! It doesn't matter if they're labs or chiwienies, they think they own the bed, don't they?

I bought us two upside-down tomatoes from Garden Gate online, but haven't gotten them into their snuggle bags yet. Nice to see it really works!