Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm still around, there's just not much Hallowe'eny stuff going on in January, although the cold weather has been frightening!  Gee whiz, how do you people stand it when it's subfreezing for MONTHS?!  I can't deal with all of this dry skin, bundling up and biting winds!  However, we're getting a reprieve tomorrow, rain but at least warmer.
Have some new ideas that I'm kicking around, maybe some prop tutorials, or at least some pictures of what goes on behind the curtain so ya'll maybe can use something. 

A question, what draws you to click on a blog post?  Pictures?  Reviews of products?  More writing?  Less writing?  Interaction?  I personally am more drawn to a post that has a picture in it or has a catchy title.

What chaw'll think?


Diane said...

i just want to hear from you! pics are good. titles.. i don't know, i get stuck on titles sometimes. mostly i come here for you and your personality!

there's always halloweeny stuff going on here. if trinity could live in a costume i think she would. i have to pry wigs off her to go places sometimes hahah. srsly.

halloween spirit said...

We're getting a reprieve today as well; there are rumours it may actually be above zero :)

Embrace the cold, Mr. M.! Or remain huddled inside with tea and cookies until the geese return.

What draws me to a post? Hmmmmm . . .

Definitely pictures. I also like to read personal accounts of people's activities, adventures, and misadventures. As opposed to simply something that was found elsewhere on the Internet. I usually look beyond the title because I often find it an unreliable indicator of whether or not I will enjoy the post.

Looking forward to hearing about these new ideas of yours :D

Dawn said...

The only blog posts that I see are by people that I have subscribed to....

People that I subscribed to are either people that I have "met" in the blogworld and really like, or those that I just really enjoy their work, or learn from them.

So that means that I click on every post, whether it has pictures or a catchy title (Like "yaaaaaaawn" which I really DID like!) or not, just because it's by someone that I would probably read the 1st page of the yellow pages if they posted it....

I'm kinda just loyal like that. And I know WHO I like!! :)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i am drawn to blogs with good layouts and good pictures. blogs covered in buttons and adds confuse me and i tend to not like them. i like people that write honestly too. my mixer is a magic mill assistant. it's made in sweden. it is the best bread mixer ever. i have four kitchenades sitting in my garage with burned out motors. i do use one though for smaller things. this mixer can handle up to 15 cups of flour. it performs all sorts of tasks but i use it exclusively for bread. i am missing halloween!

The Captain said...

I hear ya, its been brutally cold for us down in Florida. Over 11 days in a row with lows in the 20's and 30's, this is supposed to be the sunshine state! It is finally back to normal today, 70 with rain.

My head is swimming with ideas too. I'm going to mix it up this year and try different things, more of a hodge podge then a theme.

I like titles, and I like pictures. But there are a handful of bloggers that could post their grocery list and I would still read it, because I like them and they usually have something interesting or funny to say. A good title or interesting picture will get me to click through, but content is what makes me stay.

Pumpkin Knight said...

Its been in the negitives from the day after halloween.
I like blog posts that catch me in the first few lines. pictures do help.

The Frog Queen said...

Good question! See, you have us all engaged...that is why I like your blog. This question really got me thinking. I read primarily Halloween"ish" blogs....but I venture out of my comfort zone as often as I can....I do that because I like the people. If you blog is "you" and genuine, I am interested and will visit as often as I can.

Yours...always on my favorites list :)

Thanks as always for being such a good blog host.


Mr.Macabre said...

So much good feedback!!! So many good ideas!!! Thank you everyone for the help and most of all, kind words!
Reason being, I'm not always sure if I'm "doing it right". Sometimes I go off on a weird tangent or something and I just want to make sure to include content that is interesting and readable.
Thank you all again!

PumpkinBrain said...

Some people prefer text over images and vice-versa. I would say it is good to have a bit of both.

Your blog is great, I think you are doing it right.

Have a nice day!