Monday, January 25, 2010

What Has Lady GaGa Have to do with Halloween?

Absolutely NOTHING! Except that she's scary skinny (has she EVER eaten?). And there's a corpse at the very end.

Oh, a little NSFW.

I really don't understand this video but I somehow like it.


Diane said...

hehe i love it too! you should post this on Musical Monday!

Pam Morris said...

well, gee, is it really necessary that we understand this? the only thing that concerns me is where the hell the guys gold chin went! an entertaining little ditty...

thecadaver said...

I don't think anyone understands it.
I think though in the shower(?) bit she's been digitally altered, a lot like with the giant eyes.
Either that or there's some mad prosthetics work with the exposed spine.