Saturday, August 15, 2009

House of the Unusual

I are in heaven.

If you're old enough, you might remember the old Johnson-Smith catalogs of 'Things you never knew existed' (or something like that). I would get one in the mail from time to time and pore over it and read every one of the "amuse your friends, be the life of the party" each gag promised. Same thing about the ads in comic books, I used to love looking at the ads and wanting all the cool stuff offered (which I never got, my parents, probably rightfully so, refused to send off the money for me for 'that junk'. This explains my Ebay addiction).
Enter House of the Unusual, your store for all that useless stuff you always wanted. I haven't ordered anything yet, but today I'm going to order the Boney the Skeleton poster with glowing eyes. Uber cool! Will let you know the speed and quality when I get it.

We do live in a good time, do we not?


The Captain said...

Wow what a cool website, I use to wonder what all that stuff was really like. Cool find

wiec? said...

awesome. my folks would never send for anything i wanted out of the when these adds were in the comics. i'm tempted to get the Frankenstein poster myself. and a venus fly trap too.

halloween spirit said...

That brought back some memories! As a child, I once ordered the buzzer that you would supposedly hide in your palm and shock people when you shook hands or touched them with it. A good idea in theory.

In reality, the thing was huge! And there was a button in the middle that took significant pressure to squeeze for the "surprise shock". Needless to say, no one was surprised or shocked :(

Diane said...

cool! i've been needing a magic money maker!