Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zombie Soap

Either you know or know someone that knows a zombie. Carl, who lives 4 doors down, is the nicest zombie that you ever could want to meet. He's good with kids, loves animals, has 3 cute little zombie kids and volunteers at the local soup kitchen. But as you may or may not know, zombies have notorious bad hygiene. Someone approached Carl not too long ago and he said it was his diet (brains) and said it was also sensitive dead skin and regular soap irritated it. Then he ate their brains.
I gave Carl a bar of Chris Merritt Zombie Soap from The Left Hand Handmade Herbal Soap Company. The description is:

"Feel like you’ve just survived a brisk, shrieking run through a zombie infested forest! Cedarleaf, Frankincense & Oakmoss thrill the senses and keep any good zombie clean and happy."

Well, Carl tried it and was delighted, and more so, it's made by:

"a small batch, independent worker's collective dedicated to quality, natural and organic body care. We created the company as an outlet for our creative energies, to provide an alternative to petroleum based skin care, and to promote environmental consciousness by example. We strive to have a positive relationship with our fellow workers, our customers, our community and our environment through quality craftsmanship and responsible business practices."

and they're local folks here where I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to boot! They have many many other scents and products that Carl wants to try as well as myself (the sage/peppermint lip balm is to die for, Carl loves that joke). I bought myself several bars of different scents including Zombie Soap and they are wonderful. They have a great light natural scent, are long lasting, lather well and rinses cleanly.

Carl recommends them highly and so do I. He said he would eat my brains if I had any, we both love that joke too!


The Captain said...

Sounds like they smell divine (sounds like the smell? wth? well it is 3:30am) I was wondering if you can smell the coconut oil in them? I was checking out different soaps and the all seem to use coconut oil, and this zombie cannot stand a strong coconut smell (like cheap suntan lotion cooking on a fat lady's back).

The Frog Queen said...

LOL! Great post! You are very clever.


Sullivan McPig said...

Zombie Soap?! Hmmm.... now I'm wishing I had a zombie neighbour so I had a reason to get that soap.