Saturday, June 13, 2009

For all that is good and holy....please be fake!

I'm back and to celebrate, I will mentally scar you forever with this.

It's real.

I'm sorry.

I would like to know what being a big guy's advantages are and to the lady about keeping her dignity, forget it sweetie, you've lost what little you had when you read over the script for this.

I had a Get-A-Grip thing. If you pull straight forward on it, everything's fine but tilt any sort of way and you're on your own and on the floor!


Sullivan McPig said...

Ergh.... That's just so wrong!

wiec? said...

it's real. there's a store near my job that sells all the infomercial gadgets. saw this a week or so ago. i thought it was a sign of the apocolypse and the end is near.

the commercal is effective in showing the item off and the quick release button and so on but, i'd have actually liked to seen an illustation or an actual person using it. only because i don't think the actor involved were humiliated enough.

Diane said...

i do feel bad for the ppl in this commercial! ugh! talk about selling your soul!

however! i actually WISH there was something that could help my daughter in the bathroom. her cerebral palsy makes it hard for her to "do her business" and - at almost 9 yrs old - i'm still helping her in the bathroom. :(

this product does not even look like it would work. and, well, i'm not going to go into anymore detail. but - hhmm... maybe someday they'll come up with something i might try. not this.

and, as for the grip thing... i just sprung for a top of the line rail that uses a vice to stay put from the medical supply store. it was killing me trying to help her out of the tub. i wouldn't trust that one on the commercial.

ok. this was an interesting topic! lol

Mr.Macabre said...

I'm with you DOES it work? It actually looks like it's demonstrated upside down.
Maybe it's best that I don't know, maybe it's best that we all don't know.

The Captain said...

I agree, it looks like its bent the wrong direction?

"i thought it was a sign of the apocolypse and the end is near."
Yes the end is near, 18 inches nearer with Comfort Wipe!

So my question is,
"Does everyone in the house share that or do we all get our own and if so do we then put them in a big toothbrush holder type thingy?"
also "what do I do when I doo in public?"

I'm going to invite a carrying case for the Comfort Wipe!

Wow, I wish I had invited a stick.

Mr.Macabre said...

My dear Captain, you are raising questions that are much better left unasked.

I want my Comfort Wipe carrying case in Cordovan leather when you invent it.