Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Toxic Delivery From Speedy Delivery-NOT

I always wanted Mr. McFeely as my postman, so chipper and happy, instead, my mailman handed me  my package yesterday with a deadpan stare, "you got a box". 

I have spent embarrassing little on Hallowe'en this year I'm ashamed to say.  It's not entirely my fault I feel, I haven't really seen anything out there this season that says, "HEY YOU JERK, IF YOU DON'T BUY ME, THERE'S GOING TO BE A BOTTOMLESS ABYSS IN YOUR SOUL THAT I COULD HAVE FILLED!"

Or something along those lines.

So I took my Hallowe'en savings and dumped it into the Toxictoons website (remember Eric Pigors?  Yeah, that's his site and art).  And it filled that abyss...for now!
Le box from le postman.

The unveiling...
I love the little things...the Hallowe'en peanut butter kisses and the Tootsie Roll pop lasted for about 4 minutes.  Also was a little glow skeleton in there too but I only chewed on him.
The Hatbox Ghost tee shirt--glows in the dark and his head dissappears from his shoulders and reappears in the  hatbox in his hand!  TIS SORCERY FROM LUCIFER!!!
Trick or treat bag...mine's going to be filled with outgoing candy instead of incoming.

A good old fashioned updated Ouija board.  Printed on heavy boardstock (not flimsy at all!).  Oh, Jimmy Hoffa says hi. 

Prints! Prints and more prints!  All signed by the artist's hand!  Love them all, can't wait to decorate the baby's room with them! Sorry for the blur, Mr. iPhone couldn't make up his mind what to focus on.

More prints!  Hey, I'm an art ho, cut me some slack!

My favorite one.  It's a bit off-character for most of Eric's work being in a more serious vein, I absolutely love this one!

Stickers, books and CD's oh my, stickers, books and CD's oh my!  The coloring/activity books are a scream, get it, scream, horror forget it.


Mantan Calaveras said...

Some of this stickers are super sweet! I've been collecting Coop stickers all summer, but I want more monster-y ones.

That orange eyes green ghoul is fly!

The Gill-Man said...

Man...I REALLY was hoping to snag some of Unkle Pigor's swag this Season...but my haunt budget pretty well got blown when I added the projector into the mix! SUCH a cool score there, Mr. Macabre!