Monday, October 17, 2011

The Ouija Experiment

Now isn't this weird, I get an email from Spirit Halloween saying leave the Ouija board alone and now here's something out of the blue about a collective group to try and contact the dead via Ouija board.  On Hallowe'en night at 10pm EST, there's going to be a collective effort to hold an internet seance to try and establish contact with the departed.  These guys don't seem to be some sort of crackpots either, there's a lot of scientific terms and theorizing about electromagnetic fields and such as well as what looks like wiring a Ouija board to generate an electromagnetic field.

I don't know if I will be participating yet (I've had my share of paranormal activity in my life to last me for a while) but I probably will be observing. If you are interested, please click here or on the Ouija board:

The Ouija Experiment

With my luck, I'd either open a portal to let Zuul out or this would happen:
I would LOVE to know what was going on here!!!


Pam Morris said...

well, that should be interesting. not sure about that stuff. (although I have fond memories of little girl slumber parties and ouija boards...)

gretchen nation mckillip said...

i know just the person to share this link with! if he tries it, i will report back, too. thanks!