Saturday, October 29, 2011

It fall down and go BOOOOM!

Let it be known, Hallowe'en and wind do NOT mix.

The archway and columns blew down, taking the seance table with it. Luckily, no one was around.  This was the second archway dive, I think I'm going to leave it off for safety's sake.


Dawn said...

What a shame you have to leave it off! Grab the duct tape man! And the bailing wire, and the rebar, then some JB Weld, a safety pin and some clothesline. You can make it work Mr. MacGuyver! Err, Macabre! :D

Seriously though, sorry about the wind and the damage, we all have to put up with so much this year, wind, torrential rains, snow, sleet - it's as if we are all being tested! Good luck my friend!

halloween spirit said...

Ah yes. Halloween and wind. Welcome to my world. Don't give up. The archway looks great! You can make this work. Personally, I rely heavily on large rocks. :)

Cloudtoucher1 said...

We had the great wind all day yesterday, but thankfully everything is still standing. Just had to do some repairs to my tall ghost girl, but even she managed to remain "standing" due to my planting her in an aboveground tomato cage.

Chris Davis said...

Oh no! That made my heart hurt!!!


Sorry you are having problems. Hope you (and your props) make it through Halloween!!