Thursday, August 4, 2011

NOT sure that I want...

Do we REALLY need this?


Nope, that didn't help any.  Having a severed kids hand on my iPhone just doesn't help in the least.

Again, why?

Nope, still hasn't convinced me yet.
(shakes head and mutters something about what is the world coming to)

Via Geekology, who should be on your blog list if nothing else for the hilarious commentary.

If you would like to buy your own severed hand, click Here (the site is actually very interesting, a Japanese company that sells a HUGE selection of cell phone stuff and stuff that I can't even tell what it is but for some strange reason, want it!)...
Ooooooookkkkkaaaaaaayyyyyyy, it's a free country, she can eat the frog if she wants.
Ok, do want, I'm a bit of a Harry Potter geek.  I didn't personally see Harry use them in the movies but I might have gone to the bathroom around that time.
This is, although questionably, not a porn toy but some animated character that was strong and he is doing his situps.  It's a jump drive that you can violate your computer with use to store porn information.  It's also disturbing me in ways I have never known before and hope never to again.
NOT helping any!

Ok, I'm needing some brain bleach right about now.  I'm going to bed after I take a bath in boiling Purelle.


The Frog Queen said...

I just about peed myself laughing so hard!! This is a brilliant blog post my friend. Thank you, I needed that on Friday.


Peter Varvel said...

LMAO! This makes me proud to be of Japanese descent . . . sorta'.
Have you seen those books of useless Japanese inventions? They're hilarious!

Mr. Macabre said...

I love useless Japanese inventions! I saw a special on them a while back and I will have to say that the creativity and imagination in them puts anything Ronco has put out to shame!