Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Dream

I had that stupid dream again.  Not the one where I suddenly find myself naked in the middle of Kmart either (not joking, it's a reoccurring dream of mine), but the one where it's Hallowe'en and I have forgotten to put everything out.  Except this time it has a twist, I put a couple of pitiful props on the front porch and think 'that will do' and then just leave.  These dreams are even more disturbing than the I-can't-find-my-classes-to-take-the-test-but-know-that-I've-already-graduated-years-ago-so-why-am-I-stressing dream!

I do like flying dreams though, although mine are more of a jump and float kind of flying.  I guess when you sleep in a room with over 50 skulls (my skull collection), one should expect some rather peculiar dreams from time to time.

Still haven't figured out the naked in Kmart thing though.


Little Gothic Horrors said...

It's interesting that there are certain archetypal dream themes that are common to everyone. (Although I've never been naked in Kmart, dream or otherwise!)

The October boy said...

Have had the same type of dream with a small variation. In mine, I missed the whole day and it's November 1st and all my stuff is in a pile waiting to be put up.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Hey...I do the 'jump and float' thing too. Isn't that the best?!!!

You are way too prepared to worry about missing Hallowe'en though!

trickortreat said...

Re: dream of being naked in Kmart

Put some of that $600 face cream on your other cheeks and don't worry about it.

(Now, being featured in poor clothing choices in -THAT is something to have nightmares about!)

cute animal videos said...

Hey interesting dream!! LOL