Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Call to Arms-Haunt Video Submissions!

Many of you may not be aware of the yearly haunted DVD set that is compiled that allows you to submit your video or pictures of your haunt and strut your stuff.

Well, now you do and you're invited.

Each year, a DVD set is compiled and people from all over the world submit their haunted lawn art, haunted houses, haunts, parties and whatever else Hallowe'eny to be put on this DVD set and then you may purchase a set when it is finished.  Many a bright cheery spring day full of promise and merrily chirping birds have I watched my sets over and over longing for the gloom and foreboding darkness of Hallowe'en before slithering to the shop to start creating something dead.  In them, you get inspiration, motivation and good old fashioned entertainment!

So make your up to 5 minute video or send your pictures in!  There's about 25 submissions so far (in past years, there have been up to 100!).  Deadline was January 31 but has been extended to February 15.

And a special blood-curdling scream goes out to the Davis' of Davis Graveyard for graciously undertaking this project.

Click anywhere here for submission information and instructions (it's really easier than it sounds)!

Click anywhere here for the Hauntcast page of information reflecting the new submission date!

Now, get to work!

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