Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Giveaway! 100 Full Color Brochures!

You're going to love this month's giveaway, brochure printing!  Brochures are a surefire way to have the space and the creativity to say what you want about YOU.  If you want to step up to the next level of self promotion, then a brochure is the way to do it.  I have had brochures done in town and through online printing with this company.  I can attest that the quality is MUCH better, the paper a LOT heavier and the prices a LOT lower.  But what about getting it free?  You can't beat THAT price through this giveaway!

Here's the nitty gritty:

100 8.5 x 11 inch tri-fold brochures, full color printing on BOTH sides!    

Glossy 100lb Paper          

Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only, 18 and older 

Now, here's how to go about entering...just like all the rest, I would like to know how you would use a stack of custom brochures in the comments.  That's tweets, no Facebooking, no Myspacing, no linking, just a comment, that's all!  How simple is that?!  The only thing is, I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU VIA AN EMAIL ADDRESS!  I'm a pretty smart guy and can look most people up or track them down but I have to be able to find you pretty quickly when the contest ends so I can let my sponsor, brochure printing know how to get your prize to you.  

Drawing will be held July 28 via, just to keep things fair and square.  Prizes will be sent on or before the end of the month. So go ahead and don't procrastinate or you'll forget!

Good luck y'all!!!!
*Just a quick heads up--the brochure printing prize requires that you do your OWN designing; this can be a challenging feat if you aren't familiar with an imaging program like Gimp, or Photoshop.


Pam Morris said...

these are the nicest brochures! I was the lucky winner last time Mr. Macabre offered this giveaway and I just got my finished brochures back. wow! I'll be posting a pic of it soon as I'm so pleased!

So Dark So Cute said...

OoooHh! What a wonderfull giveaway! I'm only sculpting with clay for 17 months now and just openened a blog-shop. It would be so great to have my own brochures :-)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Found you through a google search. I've been looking to get some brochure's to make wedding ceremony programs. We're on a tight budget so winning this would be great.

Mr. Chicken said...

I've started selling props, and it would be cool to have a little brochure to promote it

Dianne said...

Thank you for joining our giveaway! We are grateful for your support.

If you feel like hosting your own giveaway on your blog then don't hesitate to join GiveawayBlogs at for giveaway opportunities!

See you there!