Friday, April 20, 2012

And So It Begins

 After work and a trip to the chiropractor (nothing like hearing your spinal column sound like someone stomping on bubble wrap), I decided that it was time to go to the shed and do some work.  It took me about 2 days to fully clean it up and out but I am now officially removed from the Hoarders television show lineup for filming.
Meet Baron Von Boris, my Disneyesque Haunted Mansion graveyard projection statue.  I jumped on him today and made a lot of progress with him.  A little more smoothing of the edges and about 200 coats of white paint and he will be ready.  His movements are going to be subtle, mostly eyes closed with the occasional wink, smirk, looking around and rude tongue sticking out for comedic relief.   I worked on his facial features until I was about to go crazy and then I glanced over to a unused mardi gras mask kit I bought on a lark.  Some old fabric and my Martha Stewart limited edition XL9000 Twin Turbo glue gun (with optional magazine clip for extra glue sticks) and he had a shirt front, collar and smart looking bow tie. I think that it will look a lot like stone when it's all painted.

Aside from that, I'm building a horse-drawn hearse.  I've always wanted one, they are uber cool.  My neighbors will now KNOW I'm a psycho if there was any doubt in their mind by now.

I'm really looking forward to working on Hallowe'en this year.  Just for the little time I spent in the shed today gave me a feeling of accomplishment.  I've decided to retire a lot of the older props and start anew with some fresh ideas.  I was thinking about things like theme, continuity, story line but I'm leaning towards anything goes this year (within the graveyard context).

More to come.....


Old Fashion Halloween said...

He is a fine looking gentlemen.

ShellHawk said...

Great work, and so very, very jealous of upcoming horse-drawn hearse.

Mr. ShellHawk is a rock star, but keeps holding me back from mausoleums, horse-drawn hearses, and all large props by asking silly questions like, "Where are we going to PUT all of that?"

Silly man.

Mr. Macabre said...

Aw thanks OFH, he appreciates that.

Uh, Shell, do you have walking room in your house? Yes? Then voila! you have more storage space! See how simple that was? If you have an empty space, then you have storage space!

The Captain said...

Exciting stuff! I'll probably need a whole weekend to clean up and out my shop, it still looks like the day after Halloween, and the day after Christmas, and the day after a garage sale. It's a mess

Pam Morris said...

oh boy, can't wait to see your set-up this year! (re the storage problem--half of the master bedroom is boxes of Halloween props stacked nearly to the ceiling. kids say they're going to put me on the hoarder show but alas for them, all of my boxes are labeled and stacked neatly. I'm not quite a fit (not yet, anyway!) hehe