Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not So Sure....

I admit it, I'm a vampire aficionado.  And a Depp aficionado.  And a Burton aficionado.  And the word aficionado aficionado.  But this...I'm trying not to pass judgement as yet.  I was very excited for the first 30 seconds of the trailer but when Barnabas is brushing his fangs, that more or less lost it for me.  A comedy?!  They have made my beloved Dark Shadows in which I would peek over the sofa to watch because I was too scared to sit in front of the TV to watch into a comedy?  I will definitely go see it but will NOT be happy if it turns out to be a bunch of cheap jokes.  Oh well, I need to be rich so I can remake it myself and do it right.

Yesterday my body crashed.  I started feeling cruddy around 2 and started running a fever.  Joint pain, chills, muscle aches, headache, I thought I had the flu.  Still went to get my hair cut but felt like crap.  Went to bed at 6 and got a call-in for Tamiflu.  Tamiflu didn't touch it.  For 75.00 it should have at least made me high or something as a consolation prize!  Went to the doc in the box today and she found the trouble...massive sinus infection.  Thank goodness, I didn't have the....wait a minute, I still feel like crap and spent 75.00 on medicine that I didn't need.   After 70.00 more in copays and more drugs, I'm feeling better, except my rump.  The nurse gave me 2 shots, a steroid and a high powered antibiotic.  Why did she have to say "This one is going to sting, it's really thick".   I have a high pain threshold but dannnnng, I was easing into the car seat very slowly.

Going to the doctor, I saw the coolest thing I have seen in a while and I have a purpose now.  A bald headed bearded guy with lots of tats was driving an old beat up black Lincoln hearse with racing flames on it.  Oh yes, I will find this guy and this wonderful vehicle and have my picture taken with it.   I didn't know that there was anyone THAT cool in this town (besides me, of course).
Redneck, I could be taken to the cemetery in that just fine!

Nice but still, I like the tractor tires hearse.

Hold on, I can only go once, I love this Bram Stoker's Dracula hearse too!  No fair!


Justine's Halloween said...

I like the Bram Stoker's Dracula hearse best. It looks like something out of a cartoon! So, the coffin is visible through those columns in the back? It sort of resembles the Munsters' car.

Jeanne said...

Love those Hearses! :0)
There is going to be a Hearse-Con here in Denver in June that I'm anxious to see. Should be awesome! My Fav is the Dracula Hearse. :0)

The Captain said...

I'm feeling the same way about the trailer. It looks very tongue in cheek.

That purple hearse is bad ass!

Stephanie D. said...

Purple Hearse! Made just for me!