Friday, September 9, 2011

Recap--MonsterPieces App and Upcoming Interview With Eric Pigors!

Me make pretty monster!
My very first monster!  *sniff* I'm so proud!

Eric Pigors is a man of talent.  Not only does he run but now he has his very own vile, disgusting app!  I've been compiling another interview with him for the kickoff of the High Holy Season (Hallowe'en) that will come out the first of next week. Until then, if you've been hesitant about getting the new MonsterPieces app, maybe this will convince you that it's a load of fun! AND they've fixed the iPhone 4 glitch so you can save your monsters now!

MONSTERPIECES is a   iPhone/iPad APP ,Created by Eric Daniels from Aerfish &
my ToxicToons art, with which you can design millions—maybe billions--of unique monsters, and somehow each one is the ugliest of all.
My second monster, I love the hat!
Monster artist Eric Pigors, of "ToxicToons" fame, has been rummaging around 
in his basement's bins to bring you the finest collection of grotesque 
anatomical parts the world has ever seen. Assemble horribly fiendish 
faces... using pieces you've carefully chosen from several bubbling vats, 
each filled to the brim with disgusting tidbits Eric picked up from 
God-knows-where, or whom.

Slap together the ugliest imaginable freak, then make an even uglier sister 
for it. Like it? Name it! Then save it, either to your ownprivate gallery of 
Monsterpieces, or share it with the world via Facebook, email, Twitter, etc.

AS IF THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH, we've also supplied the perfect background music 
to accompany your new hobby: a sinister-sounding song by the legendary 
surf-rock band "Los Straitjackets!" So when you take a break  from 

Demo of the app:

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